• 11-13 August
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  • Wleń

    Lower Silesia, Poland

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  • 3 Days

    of amazing plein-air photography


Wleń is a picturesque small town in Lower Silesia (Poland) located in the Bóbr Valley Landscape Park and it has about 2000 inhabitants. There is no heavy industry which would pollute atmosphere of this unique place. The beautiful green countryside and the ruins of the castle are very attractive to tourists. Therefore, tourism is booming here, and this place can provide plenty of activities for people tired of big cities: from hiking and the sightseeing to the more challenging ones like canoeing or sailing on Lake Pilchowickie.

Because it is a largely protected area, beauty of this place was preserved until today. In combination with a lot of interesting scenery, it is ideal not only for 'hometown' of FotoCon, but also for all kinds of plein-air photography. After all, they don't call this region the Land of Extinct Volcanoes (Kraina Wygasłych Wulkanów) for nothing.

What is FotoCon?

FotoCon is the world's first free international event for photographers and cosplayers.

The main objective of this event is to enable photographers and cosplayers to share their experience and knowledge, so that each participant will be able to improve his existing skills.

But what would be a FotoCon without the photos? Our event will result in lots of beautiful photos from the plein-air photo shoots.

You can find more information on our Facebook fanpage


Cosplay is an incredible hobby that began to gain popularity worldwide in the 00s. It's a magical hobby in which young and talented artists create outfits straight from fairy tales, movies or games. Thanks to cosplayers we can meet our favorite characters alive looking like the real deal from the world of our dreams.

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A few photos from previous editions.
You can find more here: FotoCon by Techland 2016
FotoCon 2015
Photo relation from FotoCon by Techland 2016 made by Marcus for Konwenty Południowe.
BTS made by our participants during FotoCon by Techland 2016
Diary made by MLC Foto during FotoCon 2015

Registration is OPEN

Registration for FotoCon 2017 is from 20.02 to 09.04.2017.
Cosplayers, photographers and videographers can apply to the FotoCon 2017 here: http://register.foto-con.pl/.
Make up artist, helpers and other people who want to help us with this event (for ex. fire masters) please write to us at contact@foto-con.pl
You have to be at least 18 years old (or have 18 b-day BEFORE 10.08.2017) to apply for FotoCon 2017.
- This year we dont accept accompanying persons. If there is really need for you to take one - contact with us and we will make decision if this is possible. Otherwise - that person WONT be able to attend convention.
Qualification for helpers:
-Good english skills, additional points if your english is very good.
-Some experience as a volunteer would be great.
-It would be preferable if you could arrive a day before the event and leave the day after.
-Determination to help every participant.
-A smile on your face.
The organizers reserve the right to close registration early or make it longer without further notice.
Contact with the organizator is possible through the FotoCon's Fanpage or by our mail: contact@foto-con.pl.


At our event, we will have the best photographers and cosplayers from the Europe and world. Some of our many guests are:


Yes. FotoCon is completely free. Apart from the lack of the entrance fee, we provide participants with a place to sleep, meals, and even something to drink.

FotoCon is an event with a limited number of possible participants. So only those that have been previously invited or accepted can participate. Everyone has a fair chance.

We provide a free accommodation in the school building (classes and sports hall - sleeping bag needed).
Of course, participants can also expect at FotoCon: supper (Friday), breakfast (Saturday and Sunday), dinner (Saturday) and barbecue on the Saturday night.
Some locations are close to conplace, but some are rather far - so we will have few "taxis" to help people to go there. But they are limited, so if you have driver's license you may think about renting car if you dont have one.

FotoCon is a convention primarily for photographers, cosplayers, videomakers or make up artists so a regular participant would be bored here.

In addition to photoshoots which are the backbone of FotoCon, we are also planning themed workshops and social events.

If you have a car (which is VERY recomended) it's easy.
If you would like to fly to Poland, the neareast >airport is in Wrocław.
If you would like to come by train or bus, check if you can stop at Jelenia Góra. Otherwise, try Wrocław.
From Wrocław you have to move by bus or train to Jelenia Góra. And from Jelenia Góra by bus to Wleń. If you have any questions or need help you can ask us on our Facebook page.

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